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12 Oaks Poultry Farm Digester Shed Erection
Construction of 360m2 Structural steel framed shed consisting of footing piers, footings, slab, columns purlins, girders, rafters, & sheeting. Mechanical installation of digester consisting of boiler vessel, conveyors and hoppers.
AIMS - Replacement of Dual Saltwater Intake Pipelines
Installation of Dual saltwater intake pipelines, off shore from the AIMS Cape Ferguson Facility approximately 50km South of Townsville. The project is located in a marine park area and all works required permission and environmental approvals from the following agencies QPWS, GBRMPA, TCC, EPA and Marine Parks. Project completed on time and budget.
AIMS - Replacement of Failed Section of Boat Ramp
Installation of new section of boat ramp, due to undermining and failure of existing boat ramp. CivilPlus completed the precast works at our Laydown area and then transported the planks to site. The existing boat ramp was saw cut and sections removed until sound concrete was located. The base was then prepared with aggregate, precast planks were placed, bolted together and then all in-fills grouted. Grouted ballast was used for the edge protection along the side of the boat ramp.
Aircraft Arrestor System Pit Rectification Works
Extensions to the existing Aircraft Arrestor pits to allow for new motor installations and for compliance of pits with current Australian Standards. The works also included refurbishment of pits including mechanical and electrical components which are currently being carried out by MVO and EMAK respectively. Water stop was used during the construction of the pits to ensure no leaks when installed.
Amphibious Excavator Hire
Hire of our Amphibious Excavator with operator for various projects in and around the Burdekin.
Amphibious Excavator Mulching and Earthworks for Ertech Darwin
Ertech was completing marine based gas pipe installation in the Northern Territory. The amphibious excavator was required to mulch mangrove, remove mangrove mud, trench mangrove mud and shape batters in mangrove mud to allow the pipeline installation.
ANZAC Park Pipeline Installation
The project required the installation of approx 100mtrs of 700 series Humes jacking pipes under the heritage and sacred site of ANZAC Park the Strand. Upon commencement of the tunneling and jacking an unknown sea wall was contacted approx 10mtrs into the bore, which required review and approvals prior to commencing open excavations to complete the remainder of the installation. A system of sheet piling and shore box installations where required to safely install the pipe within the sand geology during the open trench phases of the construction.
Aplins Weir Reconstruction
Why did Aplins Weir need refurbishing? Aplins Weir was first built in 1928 and does not meet current engineering standards. While there are no signs of failure at the moment, there is an increasing risk of failure in the future because of the age of the structure. The refurbishment was able to bring the weir wall up to current standards and improve its strength and stability.
Area J & K Hardstands
Upgrade of the hardstand pavement and entry modifications in AREA J & K. The upgrading included the removal of the hardstand pavement and construction of a new pavement in three parts. Part A - Hardstand consisted of a bound and unbound gravel pavement with a segmental pavers wearing course. This part was surrounded by concrete kerb that channeled the runoff into a humeceptor. Part B - Access included the construction of a new access into the compound with a unbound cement modified pavement with an asphalt wearing course. Part C - Hardstand consisted of modified pavement that joined Part B with Asphalt surface. This was kerbed & channeled to allow runoff to the humeceptor.
Bailey Islet Aid To Navigation Structure & Helipad Replacement
Civilplus was engaged by AMSA to demolish the existing structure, prepare the site ready to install hex tower,fabricate and installation of the Helipad.
Barnicle Street Boat Ramp
Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) have identified that Townsville is short of recreational boating launching and retrieval facilities for all-tide access. TMR had commissioned Townsville City Council to upgrade the old ramp at the end of Barnicle Street, Railway Estate, approximately 150m downstream of the newly constructed ramp to assist with meeting the demand. The Queensland Government is funding the work. Reconstruction of one half of the ramp was required to meet the TMR standard, while the other half required an extension to achieve the lowest astronomical tide(LAT) level. Minor patching of the shoulder embankments was also required.
Berth 4 Upgrade
Berth 4 Upgrade The Port of Townsville is a vital trading port for North Queensland and is Northern Australia's largest general cargo and container port. Berth 4 was previously used mainly for cement imports via a dedicated pipeline to an off-berth storage facility, as well as some general cargo and live cattle export activity. The upgrade to Berth 4 (and associated land side infrastructure) will increase capacity at the Port of Townsville to assist in accommodating projected trade growth. The upgrade project will also improve the efficiency of container handling operations and result in better cargo movement performance through the use of modern handling equipment and improved intermodal transfer (of cargo) to road and rail. CivilPlus Constructions was awarded the $30 million project in February 2016 and is supporting around 100 jobs during the construction phase. The upgraded facility is expected to be ready for operations late in 2017.
BHP Port Hardstand
A concrete pavement required for BHP to store containers at Berth 2, Townsville Port, these containers arrive from Western Australia on ship to then be transported to BHP Nickel Refinery. The works included the removal of existing materials to the required profiles, compaction of sub-grade, placement of gravel sub-base and bitumen sealing of the surface. Once the base was completed the concrete formwork & reinforcing was installed and the concrete poured in sections as required utilizing a concrete laser screed for placement.
Birthday Creek Bridge Replacement
The works involve demolition and removal off-site of the existing bridge super- structure and foundations. Design and documentation of a new precast concrete bridge superstructure including precast deck, abutment headstocks, wing-walls and precast facing panel to the abutments, including all attachments and fixings. Construction of bridge foundations, installation of pre-cast concrete abutment headstocks and concrete deck members, regrading of approaches and construction of abutment protection works.
Bohle School Concrete Pathway
Townsville City Council employeed CivilPlus to complete a concrete footpath past the front of The Bohlevale State School.
Bolger Bay Pipeline Installation
Installation of 1.3km of DN500 HDPE pipe in tidal areas, this included the welding of all pipe, pressure testing, management of ASS & PASS. Anchor blocks were cast to allow the pipe to be installed through 2 creeks, the anchor blocks were a two half clamp arrangement. ASS & PASS treatment pads were constructed so that the material could be treated and then reused for backfill material. All plant, equipment, sand and gravel had to be barged to the island and stockpiled prior to use on the project.
Burdekin Bridge Works
Work has begun to repair and reconstruct bridges for the Burdekin Shire Council. Bridges included in these works are Iron Bark Creek, Anabranch Overflow, Anabranch Rita Island, Plantation and Sheep Station Creek. Ironbark Creek bridge was the first bridge to be completed. Works were undertaken to bring the bridge back to its designed load limits after reduced load limits where placed on the bridge due to inspections showing a number of defects with the main defect being broken bridge stressing bars.
Burdekin Pump Station
CivilPlus were engaged to construct a Pump Intake structure for the South Burdekin Water Board in the Burdekin River. This involved the construction of a sheet pile retaining wall to hold back the water & earth, the boring of 10m deep sleeved piles, a 5m high concrete structure, DICL/PE pipeline installation, electrical conduit installation and associated earthworks for the structure works.
Burketown Jetty - Fender Piles Replacement
Fender Piles Replacement for Burketown Jetty
Burketown Wharf 3 Lane Barge Ramp
Burke Shire Council has contracted CivilPlus to remove the existing boat ramp and install a new 3 lane wide road ramp and hardstand.
Caltibiano Subdivision
Completion of an 8 Lot sub division including sealed access roads, water reticulation, sewer reticulation, stormwater pipes, bulk earthworks and drainage works. Worked with client to overcome problems which a rose with clashes of alignment of services. All works completed on program and budget with delivery of project through the Wet Season.
Cape Bowling Green
CivilPlus were engaged to construct the removal of the existing 36m steel lattice tower and replacement with a new 16m Fiberglass GRP structure. This was a design and construct project which CivilPlus engaged designers to complete the design on the steel base and complete fatigue analysis of the structure for a 30 year design life. The new base was designed, fabricated, barged to site and then installed. Prior to installation, the old tower was removed, this was completed utilising Dwyer Aviations’ heavy lift helicopter and advanced riggers. Once removed the new structure was installed with a 8 tonne crawler assisted by the excavator on site.
Cape Hotham Lighthouse Refurbishment
The Cape Hotham Lighthouse located approximately 36nm to the north east of Darwin, Northern Territory, was constructed in 1928 to mark the entrance to the Clarence strait from Van Diemen Gulf. The lighthouse consists of a steel lattice tower with lantern room and a fiberglass hut at the base. The lighthouse structure was last repainted in 2005, and the lantern room in 2012. The paint system of the tower is now in a condition where it is not maintainable, a recent inspection identified signs of localized pitting corrosion, fading and general failure of the coating system.
Castle Hill DN50 Watermain Replacement
In order to maintain reliable water supply to the top of Castle Hill, the existing old and deteriorated water main has been proposed to be replaced with a new DN50 stainless steel water main. The new water main has been designed to be installed via a combination of above ground sections secured via concrete plinths and anchoring into rock and buried sections. The alignment of the new pipeline starts from the water pump station on Hillside Crescent (near Top City Reservoir) and goes up the side of Castle Hill to the old Panorama House and then onto the top car park area. This water service also fills a small tank that is located to the east of the car park on the top of the Castle Hill as well as the Hamilton’s Tank.
Charles Point Lighthouse
The Charles Point Lighthouse situated on the Cox Peninsula, Northern Territory, was constructed in 1893 to mark the western approaches to Darwin. The lighthouse consists of a central riveted steel cylinder supported by an external canted lattice framework. The lighthouse structure was last repainted in 1999, and the lantern room in 2009 since this time touch up painting has been undertaken during regular maintenance activities. The paint system is now in a condition where it is not maintainable, a recent inspection identified signs of localized pitting corrosion, fading and general failure of the coating system.
Cleveland Bay Purification Plant Upgrade
Monadelphous Engineering was awarded the project to upgrade the Cleveland Bay Purification Plant by TCC and has engaged the services of C+ to supply precast items and installation of 500m of pipeline at the outfall terrestrial Pipeline installation.
Clump Point Jetty Refurbishment
The jetty was wrecked in the Cyclone Yasi in February 2011, preventing tourism and fishing access from the Clump Point Jetty. CivilPlus was awarded the project by QRA, CCRC & TMR to design and construct this important community and tourism infrastructure. - Construction of a new, wider jetty adjacent to the existing jetty - Demolition of the existing jetty - Reinstatement and/or updating of services - Landside works required to provide vehicular access to the jetty
Cowley Beach Boat Ramp Maintenance
Removal of existing boat ramp and supply and install precast RG4000 concrete plank boat ramp.
Crooked Waterhole Rejuvenation Works
Greening Australia hired the amphibious excavator and operator for the removal of weeds from the water course to improve the quality of the water and access to the water ways for the farmers.
CSR Permanent Bridge Repairs Lander Creek & Expedition Pass
This Contract was located at Landers Creek & Expedition Pass near Clare on the Ayr/Dalbeg Rd. During recent flooding events both bridges sustained significant damage through displacement of the bridge girder beams and snapping the pier supports off at the foundation piles. The project included installation of new piles, installation of pile caps, piers & headstocks, steel repairs to internal and external beams.
Culvert 93 Downstream Scour Remediation Works
Remediation works were undertaken at Culvert 93 downstream on Mt Spec Road. The Culvert itself is a heritage feature of high significance and all works that were carried out were controlled and undertaken in a manner sensitive to the cultural and aesthetic values of the site.
Dean's Bridge - Supply & Install Bridge Modifications
Deane's Bridge is located adjacent to Iona Road, Home Hill and CivilPlus was contracted to refurbish and strengthen the existing bridge girders, install new bridge decking and provide an upgrade of the concrete bridge abutments.
Demolition of 3 AMSA Aid to Navigation Towers
Decommission and remove the mild steel lattice towers at King Island and Hannah Island in Princess Charlotte Bay and demolish the concrete blockhouse at Rocky Islet near Cooktown.
Douglas Arterial Duplication Watermain
CivilPlus were engaged to construct a replacement section of the 1050dia Water main under the Douglas Arterial Road for the Duplication Works. This involved the installation of a 1200dia enveloper under the overpass embankment (84m) and installation of the 1050dia water main through the enveloper and open excavation sections (184m total). Challenges were the 6m deep exit pit within a tight road shoulder that required the construction of a cofferdam with sheet piling.
Dunk Island Jetty Refurbishment
The jetty was wrecked in the Cyclone Yasi in February 2011, preventing Jetty access to Dunk Island, a popular tourist destination off Mission Beach. CivilPlus have been selected by QRA, CCRC & TMR to design and construct this important community and tourism infrastructure. - Rehabilitation of the original jetty, including: - Deck replacement - Repair or replacement of corrosion-damaged girders - Repair of other damaged components - Demolition of the recently-constructed jetty extension - Construction of a new jetty extension to reconnect the jetty to the shore - Reinstatement and/or updating of services - Landside works to provide access to the jetty
Eborac Island & Albany Rock
Eborac Island & Albany Rock Aid to Navigation Towers are situated off the northern-most tip of Queensland, Cape York. AMSA holds a lease/agreement from Queensland Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to occupy the site. The AtoN structures consist of a Chance 400mm focal radius drum lens mounted on a lantern pedestal within a cast iron lantern room, supported by a concrete blockhouse. The existing blockhouse is a mass concrete structure with a foundation base slab cast directly onto the rock at the highest point on the island. The blockhouses had been exhibiting significant cracking along its walls and roof slab combined with spalling of the interior lower face of the roofs requiring them to be replaced.
Elena Street Culvert Upgrade
The Townsville City Council identified the Elena Street culvert at Nelly Bay to be in a structurally poor condition and required the load rating of the bridge to be reduced. Civilplus were engaged as the principal contractor to complete major upgrades to achieve a T44 live load rating for the bridge, including replacement of the existing road deck, new abutment and wing walls, base level works, new apron slabs, footpaths and erosion protection slabs and new pedestrian barriers.
Francis Street Water Main - West End
Supply and construction of the Francis St DN450 trunk water main. The works extended from an existing DN375 DICL main in Leigh St to a constructed DN375 PVC main in Henry St. The water main is over a length of 412 m. It included the supply and construction of the water main, valves and connection to the existing pipelines.
Gleeson's Weir Reconstruction
CivilPlus were contracted by TCC to reconstruct the Gleeson's Weir due it not meeting current dam safety regulations. This involved concrete cutting of approx 250mm from the top of the existing weir crown, high pressure water blasting the entire weir surface, coring and dowelling the existing wall, forming and pouring mass concrete and reinforced concrete (approx1500m3) to the engineering specification.
Green Island Groyne
CivilPlus were engaged to construct a Seawall, 60m long to reduce sand migration on the island. This involved the design and installation of 13 precast piles in a very sensitive environmental location. All plant, equipment and materials were barged onto the site, the barge was taken across the reef flat and then grounded adjacent to the wall. Once unloaded the barge was removed off site, the new wall was installed, old wall removed and then the barge was brought back to site for demobilisation works. The piling works involved having a 40 tonne crane suspending a 8 tonne pile hammer to complete the works. All works carried out in GBRMPA with no incidents or damage to the environment.
Guardrail Renewals Program
As part of its municipal responsibilities, Townsville City Council manages guardrails within the Council precinct. As part of an Asset Management Strategy, Council undertakes periodic condition assessments to determine remaining useful life and determine maintenance works required. Council sites have been identified as no longer complying with the current Australian Standards. Consequently, a renewals program has been initiated and sites are identified for renewals or upgrades. Guardrails have been identified across three locations of the renewals program for urgent attention. Sites are located at Glenlyon Drive - Wulguru, Herbert St - Townsville City, and Wickham St - Townsville City.
Haul Round & Stevens Islands Steel Lattice Tower Raplacement
C+ has just completed work in the NT to remove the existing structures and replace with a three module hex tower at AMSA's Stevens and Haul Round Islands.
Highway Reward Minesite - Highway Detour
Completion of: 500m of Detour for Gregory Developmental Road around the edge of the Highway Reward Pit approximately 30km South of Charters Towers. Due to circumstances that had developed on site prior to our mobilisation, the project had to be completed immediately to satisfy the requirements of Main Roads. By sourcing local resources which we had a working relationship for importing of Subbase as a variation to the contract we were able to complete all works 4 days ahead of schedule.
HSC Roads
Road rehabilitation works of approximately 31,000 m2 of pavement on the roads and streets throughout the Hinchinbrook Shire.
Incitec Pivot Concrete Repairs
The current concrete walls of the tippler structure have cracked and are allowing water through which is leading to corrosion of reinforcing and ultimately failure of the structure.
Inlet Structure Access Reinstatement - Collinsville Low Lift Pump Station
This project was for the provision of Inlet structure access reinstatement for Collinsville Low Lift Pump Station. Previously there was no access to the intake structure and as a result maintenance activities were unable to be carried out. CivilPlus was able to reinstate vehicular access to the intake structure as part of the works.
Inlet Structure Access Reinstatement - Collinsville Low Lift Pump Station
This project was for the provision of Inlet structure access reinstatement for Collinsville Low Lift Pump Station. Previously there was no access to the intake structure and as a result maintenance activities were unable to be carried out. CivilPlus was able to reinstate vehicular access to the intake structure as part of the works.
Invicta Mill Effluent Line Replacement
Installation of new Effluent line across the Haughton River Rail Bridge, the installation included 40 new trusses and 440m of pipe. The project encountered delays due to the work approvals from QR, as such an alternative method had to be provided to complete the project prior to the commencement of the crushing, the effluent line were among critical works to be completed. Aerial lifting was used as the alternative method to install the 40 trusses (8m &12m) and 430m of DN200 HDPE lined steel pipe. With preparation works completed, all trusses and pipe was installed in a two day window and the project commissioned 3 days prior to commencement of crushing.
JCU Pedestrian Bridge
This Contract was located at James Cook University (JCU) in Townsville. CivilPlus were engaged to complete all civil constructions to allow the installation of a prefabricated 8mtr long pedestrian bridge.
Kalynda Chase Valve Pit
Installation of Concrete valve pit and associated pipework to provide flow metering for the Kalynda Chase bulk water supply. The works included a concrete valve pit 5.5m x 2.5m x 1.8m deep which was cast insitu prior to the pipework being installed though the blocks outs in the walls. Other works included supply and installation of DN900 flow meter at Mt Louisa, installation of 3 insertion flow meters and associated pits at Douglas Water Treatment Plant. Lowering of over flow structures and installation of level measuring devices on the sludge lagoons at DWTP.
Kinduro Pipeline Project
CivilPlus were engaged to install the various pipelines required for the new Water Treatment Facility which would upgrade supply to Townsville and surrounding suburbs. The 30 pipelines consisted of MSCL, DICL & PVC ranging from 100, 114, 150, 158, 200, 283, 300, 500,through to 800 in diameter. This pipeline was installed on varying grades up to 35% with large amounts of rock breaking required to allow embedment to be completed to design.
Koombooloomba Bridge Deck
This Contract was located at Koombooloomba approx 37klm from the township of Ravenshoe in Far North Queensland. Stanwell Limited Corporation required the existing timber deck to be replaced due to corrosion and structural integrity issues. A Gantry system was proposed to the client due to traditional cranage options not being preferred within the significant World Heritage listed site and structural restrictions imposed on the bridge deck. Construction involved the removal of 90mtrs of existing timber corbels, girders, corrugated deck and road pavement / Design, fabricate, install & operate a 35tn Gantry crane / Fabricate new precast concrete deck system and install to specification / Construct relieving slabs & road approaches.
Lavarack Main Gate
Construction consisted of remediation works to improve the busy main entrance of Lavarack barracks, Townsville. Known as Melton Black Drive. The works include - the excavation of asphalt surface & unsuitable materials. The removal and replacement of concrete kerb, insitu stabilization of existing pavement & asphalt resurfacing. Once the construction works were carried out, the site was landscaped with turf.
Lend Lease Pipeline
Installation MSCL/DICL 375 water main.
Line Creek Causeway
CivilPlus were engaged by Serco Sodexo to complete remediation works at the High Range Training Facility. The works included construction of a 40m causeway and gabion retaining wall. Also substantial rock protection works, excavation and placement of new pavement.
Lucinda Piling Works
This project required the replacement of damaged landward mooring piles, delivery and installation new timber dolphins, remove selected fender piles from inshore services, dispose adjacent inshore seawall, removal of timer fender piles, replacement of seaward mooring piles, dredging sand from the barge ramp pocket. Clear to -1m LAT and disposal of removed items
Magnetic Island Obstruction Tower
CivilPlus were engaged to design and construct a new obstruction tower located at Mount Cook on Magnetic Island. The existing tower had been overgrown by the tree canopy and was not able to be easily seen by aircraft. The base plate was not suitable for the new structure so an additional guy wire system also had to be engineered using the rocks located at the site. The obstruction tower had no land based access and was required to be installed using a heavy lift helicopter. This project was completed on critical path and allowed major ADF exercises to go on uninterrupted.
Magnetic Island Water Supply Pipeline
Installation of 1.5km of 550mm HDPE Pipe installed through the Mangroves, Mudflat and Reef flat. This involved working in sensitive marine areas to remove mangroves and treat ASS soils to minimise impact on environment. Utilisation of 700 tonne of logs to build access track, comply with requirements of QPWS, GBRMPA and Marine Parks. Backfilling of trench on reef flat which has been open for the last 20 years.
Mainteck Ring Beams
Civil & Concrete Works for conveyor drive station.
Maintenance painting of the Cape Hotham Lighthouse Tower
Cape Hotham projects into the Van Dieman Gulf, approximately 80 km (direct line) NE of Darwin. The structure is a steel lattice tower capped by the lantern room with a copper roof. Surfaces to be repainted include the entire lattice tower up to and including the underside of the lantern room floor, and the lantern room roof. The existing paint on the lattice tower is of significant thickness, and contains lead paint. The specification requires the containment of emissions of lead paint dust and debris.
McDowells Pipeline Construction
Construct 1.2km of DN1300 pipeline to replace the existing redundant pipeline along Mann Road, Home Hill. - 1.2km of DN1300 GRP Pipeline - 29m of microtunneling under kirknie Road and Tram Line - Upstream and downstream connections to the existing network. - 10 Thrust Blocks - 3 Farm Off Takes - 4 Air Valves and 1 scour outlet - Decommissioning of existing pipeline
Mornington Island Jetty Demolition
Removal and Replacement of Piles on Jetty
MSTA (1212) Civil Works Road Maintenance
The aim of this project was to carry out civil repair to the deteriorated sealed munitions compound pavement at Mt Stuart Training Area to enable better access to training facilities in order to maintain Defence training capabilities.
MSTA Class Range Target Mounds
CivilPlus were engaged by Serco Sedexo for the refurbishment of the Range Target Mounds at MSTA. The works included placing bitum on re-compacted scour, placement of geoweb with fibre glass pins and placement of stabilised sand finished with top soil and grass trimmings.
Mt Isa ARES Depot Civil Works
NQ1648 MIRR/3122 The Upgrade of the Mt Isa ARES depot pavement and hardstand areas. This included upgrading of the parade and parking bays for the depot, along with concrete light vehicle hardstand.
Mt Louisa Pipeline
Pipe Welding Subcontract CivilPlus (previously CivMEC) Constructions were initially subcontracted to complete the internal and external welds of the 800mm diameter MSCL Pipeline. However our scope of works increased and we layed all 850m of the MSCL section of pipe and completed the cut in at the Mt Louisa Reservoir.
Mt Low Parkway Subdivision
Completion of 14 Lot sub division including sealed access roads, water reticulation, bulk earthworks and drainage works. Worked with client to overcome problems which arose with clashes of alignment of services which reduced costs for all parties. All works completed on program and budget with delivery of project to Christmas 2005 as programmed.
Mt Stuart Road Bridge Rehabilitation
CivilPlus was awarded the project from Townsville City Council for the rehabilitation of the vehicle and pedestrian bridge on Mount Stuart Road. The bridge is situated at the intersection of Mount Stuart Road and the Flinders Highway and is 5.7km from the intersection of University Drive/Stuart Drive intersection. The bridge allows access to the top of Mount Stuart where there is telecommunication infrastructure but also is a popular for tourists and cyclists.
NAT0559 - TFTA Road & Civil Works
The aim of this project is for maintainance on the Infrustructure at the defence training facility, in particular the roadway to the MTR upgraded a gravel road to a Bitumen sealed road. This involves earthworks, excavation, gravel placement and bitumen sealing to complete the road. Also in this contract there is a 40m causeway to be upgraded from rock to a Concrete crossing and a smaller stabilized causeway to have the rockwork upgraded, all in a remote site.
Nelly Bay Road Pathway
CivilPlus completed the concrete pathway from Base Backpackers Resort to Yates Street for the Townsville City Council to improve access for island users. This project required community and business engagement, traffic management, excavation, bedding supply/placement and compaction, formwork, concrete placement, link wall, new bus stop and road furniture, road pavement and bitumen placement.
NQ3168 2CHC Relocation Project
The aim of this project is to provide temporary new facilities to house the relocation of two close health companies. CivilPlus is completing the pre-works and services that includes drainage, bulk earthworks for construction pads, the installation of the reinforced concrete stormwater pipes and pits, sewer main, water and Hydraulic services and electrical & communication conduits to allow building construction to commence.
Ollera Creek Pipeline Repairs
This Contract was located at Ollera Creek near the foot of the Paluma Range. The objective was to remediate the existing pipeline surface where rusting had occurred due to river debris impacting the pipe and the original paint system being compromised. The client also specified a system of pipe protection to eliminate or reduce future impacts from debris. C+ was able to provide an innovative solution to more expensive products on the market to achieve the specification and cost reduction for the client.
Orpheus Island Jetty Construction
The aim of this project is to replace the damaged existing jetty with a new Steel Substructure with timber decking jetty on Orpheus Island. This included driven steel pile with steel headstocks and girders installed on site.
Paluma and Mt Spec Pipeline Rehabilitation Project
Installation of removal and replacement of sections of pipes ranging in size from 445mm to 660mm in areas with extremely difficult access and in the World Tropics Management Area. WTMA carried out site inspections during works completion and were happy with the execution of Project. Sections of pipe removed and replaced ahead of program and on budget to satisfaction of client. Concrete and civil works at the Dam Outlet included retaining walls 2.5m high, rock fill, concrete drainage, Fencing and installation of V-Notch Weir Boxes. Additional variation awarded to reinstate 130m of 500mm MSCL pipe and concrete plinths after damaged with truck accident adjacent to highway.
Paluma Dam Concrete Remediation
The concrete dam inlet tower and outlet pipe has become dilapidated over time requiring remediation to stop current corrosion and further deterioration and water ingress.
Pedestrian Bridge
Ring Road Pedestrian Underpass Extension Works
Phosphate Roadworks
Carry out Road Repairs at Phosphate Mine Site
Picnic Bay Landfill
CivilPlus has just completed works at the Picnic Bay Landfill. This project required the capping of the closed solid waste landfill at the Picnic Bay site. The purpose of these works was to create a final cover system on the landfill waste mass that complies with the conditions of the Environmental Authority of the site.
POTL Road Repairs
Road Repairs
POTL Stormwater Drainage
POTL required a new RCBC (2.4 x 1.5mtrs) drainage system to reduce flood zones and to allow future expansion sites to be available & suitable for construction as approved.
Pre Cast Planks
Constructions of Pre Cast Concrete Planks for Abbott Point Barge Landing Facility
Proserpine Boat Ramp
The Proserpine Boat ramp required upgrading to provide safer and increased access by the community. The major items included in the Works are: Design of the floating walkway (including construction drawings and design report) / Earthworks (fill) to construct a ramp core wider and higher than the existing surface / Construction of a cast insitu concrete connecting slab (27.5 x 10.6 metres) including walkway abutment / Supply and place 88 x 4000 wide precast reinforced concrete planks (2 boat ramp lanes x 44 planks) / Supply and place 2500 wide precast reinforced concrete planks to suit abutment design. Quantity to be nominated by Contractor / Supply and drive restraining piles for floating walkway / Supply and install floating walkway modules / Fit out walkway including safety barrier and lighting / Shoulder works including grouted stone pitching and loose 75 mm crushed rock.
QLD Dept of Transport - Palm Island Jetty and Barge Ramp Upgrade
Installation of Civil Works for Palm Island Jetty & Barge Ramp Upgrade, which included placement of select fill, placement of armour rock, Precast & Cast insitu items for the Barge ramp concrete works, trimming of piles, setting up false work and form work for pouring of headstocks, arrangement of concrete supply island from Townsville to Palm Island, loading and unloading of materials onto barges.
QN Fuel Oil Line Repairs
Installation of repairs to QN fuel oil line at approximately 37 locations between the Port of Townsville and QN Yabulu Refinery. This scope of works included the excavation of the sections of pipe, removal of sections of fuel oil line, weld in new sections of fuel oil line, blast, paint and lag the replacement section. Then backfilling of the excavations and replacement of the road surface or reinstatement of the surface which was there prior to excavation.
QN Plinth Remediation
Existing concrete bases has dilapidated and required concrete repairs to ensure structural integrity.
QN Port Stack Footing
Installation of reinforced concrete footing to support the oil furnace stack, the footing was supported by driven precast piles. The works including two small stormwater pits, nib walls and small amount of piping to ensure that all stormwater was captured and diverted to the oil water separator. A Lighting protection system was also installed in the foundation for future connection to the stack if required.
QN Road Works
CivilPlus are currently contracted by Queensland Nickel to reconstruct the main intersection at the Yabulu refinery due to a failing pavement causing continuous maintenance issues. This involves reconstructing 850m2 of pavement, starting with perimeter hydro excavation to identify services that are crucial to the refinery, excavation of pavement to allow for a 150mm thick 2.1 3% gravel sub base and a reinforced 200mm thick slab with a 300mm edge thickenings. These works are being constructed in two half’s to allow traffic flow to enter and exit the refinery with little disruption to the day to day operations of the refinery.
QN Thickner Base Construction
Civil rectification of Thickener floor and concrete sub-structure, including changing the floor configuration to suit new thickener design.
QN Ware House Project
Civilplus have been contracted to install 240m of 1500 span concrete inverted culvert to the perimeter of the main warehouse facility at Queensland Nickel. This is to provide drainage to the existing warehouse to prevent inundation during heavy rain events. The culvert will be cast in situ due to the design being on grade making conventional precast culverts not a viable option. Some sections of the culvert will require lids and have been designed to be trafficable, this is to allow access to the warehouse for loading and unloading equipment. Other elements to the project include installation of hand rail to the open culvert, relocation of existing service, redirection of existing down pipes and re-grading of the current car park to direct water runoff.
QN WCS Concrete Works
The works consist of removal of existing guard rail and concrete slab, location of existing HV services, preparation of foundations and construction of 3 pad footings to accommodate two new plate and frame filters in the 367 Cobalt Plant. The project is driven by a tight time frame which is currently being met. All workmanship and materials are in accordance with the relevant Queensland Nickel standards.
QR Brandon Culvert Constructions
Existing rail track drainage system had failed under the road causing subsidence and cracking in the road surface and the potential for road failure if not repaired in due course.
QR Bridge Giru - Removal of Redundant Asbestos Pipe
CivilPlus was engaged to completely remove the AC effluent pipe and supporting structure for subsequent demolition and disposal.
RAAF Air Services Carpark
CivilPlus were engaged by Serco Sodexo to design and construct a concrete car park at the Townsville RAAF Base for Air Services Australia. These works included geofabric placement over uneven ground without excavation due to AFFF soil contamination, placement of gravel subgrade material, 700m2 single pour, fibrecrete slab construction.
RAAF C17 AVTUR Fuel Line
Demolition at three fuel hydrant locations, Concrete slab (nil reinforcing) 1.5m wide x 10m long x 0.4 - 0.5m deep, Including concrete at hydrant and high point surrounds, Low point drains adjacent Pit 2, Existing pipe work as required to access Pit 2 or other areas. Installation of 200ND 316L SS Fuel Hydrant Line at levels to clear existing services, 3 x 150ND 316L SS Fuel Hydrant take off lines, 1 x 150ND 316L SS Fuel hydrant high point take off line, 2 x 150ND 316L SS low point drains & concrete surrounds as described in the contract documents. Remove, refurbished & installation of existing GB5000 pit boxes including repaint as per manufactures recommendations. Encasement of all stainless steel hydrant line and risers with concrete. Reinstatement of high flexural strength concrete slabs including dowelled construction joint at interface between existing and new concrete. Fuel Hydrant line pigging, cleaning and pressure testing with AVTUR. Supply, installation and maintenance of hydro-mulch to all disturbed ground. Supply, installation and maintenance of turf.
RAAF Retention Pond
CivilPlus were engaged to construct a 180,000L Spelceptor tank at the RAAF Base fuel farm, this included precast items for the fire trap and anchor blocks. The 4m deep excavation was sheet piled to assist with the dewatering and also to provide a safe work area for personnel. The tank is to be backfilled with a combination of concrete and stabilised sand. A complete concrete topping slab is required to ensure that the integrity of the tank will be maintained.
RAAF Road Repairs
This Contract was located on the Townsville RAAF Base between Hangar 75 & the quadron 38 area. The pavement required repairs and the project involved the design & re-construction of the pavement through the main Hangar 75 area with additional works required to repair the rea at 38 squadron. The hangar 75 pavement involved excavation of the existing gravel for reuse as Sub-base pavement and instatement of Stormwater pits & grates. The works also involved concrete pavement and a concrete dish drain. The 38 Squadron area required a conservative approach with feed back from the client & designers to come to a design to resurface with isolated pavement repairs undertaken and replacement of the existing kerb.
Ravenswood Sediment Dam
Carpentaria Gold have engaged C+ Services to construct a sediment dam on the Ravenswood Mine Site. The purpose of the works is to capture runoff from the adjacent waste rock dumps prior to runoff entering Sandy Creek Downstream.
Richmond Road Repairs
Civilplus worked in conjunction with the Richmond Shire Council to complete Flood damage repairs on the Department of Main Roads owned Flinders Highway. This works consisted of catergorising repairs and the Insitu Stabilisation with Cement, of these repairs to make safe the damaged roadways. Works also required top-up gravel for pavement profile and bitumen sealing of the areas on completion.
Riverside Pedestrian Bridge
The works consisted of demolishing and removal of existing bridge and abutments, and fabrication and installation of a steel painted bridge with connecting concrete pathways as per A.S and council standards. The bridge was constructed predominatly of 250 grade steel; the decking will be made from Enduroplank recycled plastic as per engineering specification. All workmanship and materials were in accordance with the relevant Australian Codes.
Riverway Drive Gabion Structure
Due to severe scouring of the river bank, Townsville City Council contracted CivilPlus to complete a designed gabion structure to restore the integrity of the river bank.
Rollingstone Bridge
The Rollingstone Creek Timber Bridge Replacement
Ross Island Dredging
This project was completed at the 10FSB amphibious landing craft facility at Ross Island Townsville. CivilPlus were engaged to dredge 3500m3 of spoil from the marina basin to ensure the ADF site was kept in optimum operational condition. CivilPlus were required to complete the project under strict time frames to ensure that the facility was operational for ADF exercises or active service.
Ross Island Dredging
Dredging of Ross Island for Department of Defence
Ross Island Wharf & Fenders
The pontoons at 10FSB Townsville required the isolation and disconnection of all services prior to extraction from the marina berth. The pontoons were removed using a mobile gantry crane and loaded onto transport trucks and taken to the works facility which included a full blast unit to comply with environmental regulations. While onsite the pontoons were dismantled, whip blasted, repainted and reassembled with new timber bearers and compressed fiber decking. The decks also had an anti slip surface applied prior to reassembly in the marina berth.
Saunders & Bushland Beach Boat Ramp
CivilPlus constructions won the $1.2 million contract to design, build and install two new floating walkways just north of the city to Saunders and Bushland Beach boat ramps. The upgrade has allowed for faster and improved boat launching and retrieval operations and better access for children and the elderly. These projects involve widening the existing ramps and installing new floating walkways to improve safety and accessibility for the community.
Silver Creek Bridge Piles
The nature of works requires - Compliance with Quality, WHS and Environmental legislation - Supply and install steel liners - Excavate piles - Supply and install reinforced cages and concrete - Certify the piles through an onsite Geotechnical Engineer.pecific requirements of the contract - Comply with Main Roads Specifications - Construct the piles in accordance with the drawings provided; - Submit a construction methodology and Inspection Test Plan (ITP) for approval by MRC. - A detour shall be provided for traffic prior to the Contractor’s establishment on site. - Bridge erection and civil works shall be completed by others.
Speed Creek Bridge Works
This Contract was at Speed Creek located within the Australian Defence Force TFTA site. Previous construction had not been adequate to stop undermining of the existing abutment and CivilPlus were engaged to construct the new design. This design required placement of select fill in conjunction with geo synthetic layering to provide the new foundation for the abutment hydrology formation. This was then armoured with 300-500mm rock and the top 1.5m concrete grouted to provide the required protection.
Storm Water TBRP Stage 2
Constructions of TRBP Stage 2 Storm Water. Installation of 1500RCP & 1800RCP with associated stormwater manholes, Kerb inlet pits and Outlet structure in tidal water.
Stuart Drive Water Main
Supply and installation 2km DN630PE, DN500DICL, DN450DICL and DN375DICL water main. Also included installation DN750RCP enveloper pipe with some of this being bored and jacked under Stuart Drive / Race Course Intersection.
TCC Washdown Facilities
CivilPlus were engaged to construct a Wash down Facility at the TCC Bamford Lane depot to facilitate the wash down of the garbage trucks after each shift. This included the installation of a fiberglass puraceptor tank, fox diversion valve, concrete pads, electrical, water & sewerage services. Also including installation of supplied high pressure pump, tank and hoses.
TCW00078 Kulburn Booster Pump Station
The aim of this project is to construct a new booster pump station to pump water to Kulburn reservoir and northern areas of Townsville. The works involves a Pump House building construction to house new pumps, associated pipework connections to mains and tie-in works. Along with connection of electrical and instrumentation for the pumps and commissioning of the installed system.
TCW00087 Horseshoe Bay Water Distribution Main Upgrade
The aim of this project is to upgrade the Horseshoe Bay water distribution main by installing a new DN200-DN250 Main up to the distribution tank at Horsehoe bay. This works consists of the installation of inground DN200 & DN250 DICL pipe main and the installation of DN250 Stainless Steel above ground pipework, along with associated connections to existing pipes.
TFTA 0233 Road Maintenance
Road construction works including site hardening, installation of drainage and erosion prevention works, roads and tracks inc any required use of quarry resources, mechanical stabilisation of roadways, installation, improvement and/or correction of road drainage, major constructions and repair of river/creek crossings, site refurbishment and remediation works, site stabilisation and associated works.
TFTA Civil Road Works
The Project Consisted of Road Maintenance Grading and formation, Concrete creek crossing consisting of Stabilised Gravel Base, Concrete Causeway and stabilised approaches as well as Stabilised Gravel Creek Crossings and Rock only creek crossings. The works was spread out over 60km on the Defence TFTA site, with dewatering required on numerous creek and steep terrain to get delivery trucks to the remote sites.
TMR16-143 Picnic Bay Jetty Restoration Stage 2 Works
The aim of this project is to restore the Picnic Bay jetty to a condition to allow the public access to the jetty. This involves timber girder strengthening and replacement, concrete & timber pile repairs, various bolt replacement along with Timber deck repairs and replacement. Deck repairs also including handrail installation, repairs to the roof at the jetty head and electrical repairs. In addition as part of the underwater work a broken pile was found and this was replaced with steel to timber spliced pile.
Tondara Road Upgrade
Carry out works to upgrade earthworks and roads at the Evolution Mine Site
Townsville Field Training Area (TFTA-0233)
Road Construction works including site hardening, installation of drainage and erosion prevention works maintenance of access roads & tracks inc any required use of quarry resources, mechanical stabilization of roadways, installation, improvement and/or correction of road drainage, repair of river/creek crossings, site refurbishment and remediation works, site stabilization and associated works.
Townsville Hospital Sheet Piling
CivilPlus were required to complete multiple sheet pile driven retaining walls for the Townsville Hospital elevator shafts for the expansion of the emergency facility at Douglas. This was a design and construct project which was completed in early 2010. This required pre boring to depth prior to sheet piling to reduce vibration in the hospital surgical ward which required all stakeholders i.e. C+ / Thiess / Townsville Hospital Mgt /surgeons to work together to ensure patient care was paramount. Once the boring was complete the sheet piling was installed using the excavator and vibrating hammer to meet design. The excavation was then staged to allow for the installation of the required bracing to support the sheet pile and applied loads from the hospital footings.
Townsville Port Inner Harbour Expansion
The TPIX Inner Harbour Project requires CivilPlus Constructions to install the utilities services to wharf 10A as part of the harbour expansion. The services include Fire, Potable Water, Diesel and Sewer Mains requiring under wharf and land side pipeline installation.
TRBP Inwater Works
The Townsville Recreational Boating Park TRBP) will consist of four boat ramps each with four lanes and centre floating walkway. The project will also include an adequate number of car trailer parking spaces, commercial area, dry boat stacking area, ablution and washing facilities and disability access pontoons. The goal of the project is to provide the Townsville recreational boating community with a major all-tide protected weather facility to meet the current shortage.
TRBP Inwater Works - On Shore Works
Additional On Shore Works for Townsville City Council: South Townsville Stormwater Drainage - 43m of 18x12 Precast culverts and bases - Manhole to suit 18x12 culverts - Outlet structure to suit 18x12 culvert Path retaining wall - 87m of concrete footing and retaining wall - 227m2 of concrete path, constructed with edge protection - 10 450mm diameter bored piers for retaining wall footing.complete with concrete apron and tide flex, constructed and tidal flows. Goondi Creek Stormwater Outlet complete with concrete apron and tide flex.
Tully Road Repairs
CivilPlus were engaged by Serco Sodexo to complete remediation works on the Australian Defence Force Tully Training Area Access Roads. These works included construction of a 50mtr retaining wall, rock gabion protection structures, gabion grouting and foam bitumen placement.
Twelve Oaks Poultry Farm Feed Mill Project
Design and install a feed mill to process 350tonne of livestock feed per week. This consisted of assisting with concept design, approving layouts and then managing the designers though to completion of the drawings. All preliminary site works for pads, installation of footings, completion of concrete works and hardstand areas. Fabrication and Installation of Structural Steel and also installation of all mixer and milling components.
Urban Environmental Works
Carry out works at various Defence sites around Townsville
Various Pavement Repairs
Completion of various pavement repairs and hardstands at MSTA, Many Peaks, Runway Investigation and Lavarack Parade Grounds. Works included removal and replace of pavement, installation of new pavement, sealing of pavements with 2 coat seal and excavation for investigation of runway shoulders completed on night shift at short notice.
Wash Down Facility Exit Road
CivilPlus were engaged by Serco Sodexo to complete remediation works at the high range training facility. These works included excavation of existing road and subgrade, placement of geo grid and geo fabric treatments new subgrade and cement treated road base also substantial rock protection and drainage works and asphalt placement.
Waterway Gardens Point of Supply
Installation of Valve pit, flow metering slab and interconnecting pipework. The valve pit consisted of a 5m x 3m x 3m deep valve pit for the connection to the underground DN600m main which was carried out by using a hot tap method to keep the main on line at all times. DN600 Pipes were then laid from the valve pit to the above ground flow metering slab which consisted of a 12m x5m slab with 900mm beams to allow for the unbalanced thrust forces. The pipework included pressure reducing valves, valves, dismantling joints, flow meters which was founded on concrete plinths above ground. The flow metering electrical connections were carried out by Royle Electrical.
Waterway Gardens Trunk Main
Installation of 200m of DN600 DICL fully flanged pipe with associated thrust blocks and 150m of DN200 RRJ pipe. The DN600mm main included a component of Tunnel Boring installation of an enveloper and then installing the pipe into the enveloper. Due to issues encountered on the project a detour of the Bruce Highway had to be constructed in short time to allow works to continue for the trunk main installation. Works also included a tunnel bore underneath the Main Northern QR line at a depth of approximately 3m.
Wilmar Sugar - Carey's Crossing
Carry out upgrade of Carey's Crossing
Woodlands to Veales Road Watermain Relocation
Installation of new 800mm MSCL pipe line to allow for the new highway intersection to be installed. The works included large inground valve pits at each end of the line, large inground thrust blocks which were supported on 900mm bored piers. The 720m of pipeline was fully welded and included the crossing of Stoney creek, which was completed with no environmental incidents. The project was completed ahead of the date of practical completion, on budget with no major incidents.
Yungaburra Raw Water Intake Reinstatement - Tinaroo Dam
Project Works included the removal of the existing DN200 water line which ran from the floating pump station in the dam to the treatment plant on the bank, which was a total distance of 550m. Once line removed all electrical cables and old anchors removed from line, line pressure tested to confirm integrity. New 90mm HDPE line supplied to house electrical cables, stainless steel clamps installed around both lines and stainless steel anchor chain attached. Line reinstalled into dam and submerged, electrical works then carried out to reconnect power to pumps.