Burdekin Bridge Works

Project Description / Overview:

Work has begun to repair and reconstruct bridges for the Burdekin Shire Council. Bridges included in these works are Iron Bark Creek, Anabranch Overflow, Anabranch Rita Island, Plantation and Sheep Station Creek.

Ironbark Creek bridge was the first bridge to be completed. Works were undertaken to bring the bridge back to its designed load limits after reduced load limits where placed on the bridge due to inspections showing a number of defects with the main defect being broken bridge stressing bars.


Burdekin Shire Council

Project Features:

* Project design management
* Installation of full under bridge scaffold working deck
* Removal of stressing rods with 6m core barrels
* Reinstatement of stressing bars including stressing and grouting of bars
* Removal of asphalt surface and replace with prime, seal and asphalt
* Crack repairs to bridge deck units and bridge headstocks