Footes Hill Station - Gully Remediation Works

Project Description / Overview:

The Footes Hill Station Reef Trust IV Western Gully Complex Project site is located on Footes Hill Station which is approximately 55km south-west of Ayr. Greening Australia enlisted the services of CivilPlus to carry out earthworks to excavate below the level of tunnelling and then follow this level down grade to the gully bed to completely remove the unstable tunnelled areas. Once completed these areas will be reformed and filled in 300mm conditional soil layers and compacted to produce the final design batters.


Greening Australia

Project Features:

Features include:
1. Rock Chute Drop Structure
2. Ten instances of gully
head cut reshaping
3. Two overland flow
diversion bunds &
adjacent drains
4. Swale & Rock beaching at
the end of an overland
flow diversion bund