Waterway Gardens Trunk Main

Project Description / Overview:

Installation of 200m of DN600 DICL fully flanged pipe with associated thrust blocks and 150m of DN200 RRJ pipe. The DN600mm main included a component of Tunnel Boring installation of an enveloper and then installing the pipe into the enveloper. Due to issues encountered on the project a detour of the
Bruce Highway had to be constructed in short time to allow works to continue for the trunk main installation. Works also included a tunnel bore underneath the Main Northern QR line at a depth of approximately 3m.


Thuringowa Water

Project Features:

  • Installation of 200m of DN600 fully
    flanged DICL pipe
  • Installation of 65m of 960mm Enveloper
  • Installation of MSCL pipe specials
  • Installation of 150m of DN200 RRJ pipe
  • Installation of thrust blocks
  • Installation of 450RCP Envelopers for road
  • Installation of detour for 24,800 vehicle per day road and associated traffic control
  • Project completed on time with no LTI’s