Riverside Pedestrian Bridge

Project Description / Overview:

The works consisted of demolishing and removal of existing bridge and abutments, and fabrication and installation of a steel painted bridge with connecting concrete pathways as per A.S and council standards. The bridge was constructed predominatly of 250 grade steel; the decking will be made from Enduroplank recycled plastic as per engineering specification. All workmanship and materials were in accordance with the relevant Australian Codes.


Townsville City Council

Project Features:

  • The removal of the existing bridge,
  • Preperation of subgrade for bridge headstock/abutments, pathway and retaining walls,
  • Fabrication and blast and painting of new bridge,
  • Construction of Concrete bridge headstock/abutments, pathways and retaining wall foundations,
  • Construction of new keystone retaining walls,
  • Installation of the new bridge
  • Installation of bridge furniture
  • Environmental compliance
  • Pedestrian management