RAAF C17 AVTUR Fuel Line

Project Description / Overview:

Demolition at three fuel hydrant locations, Concrete slab (nil reinforcing) 1.5m wide x 10m long x 0.4 - 0.5m deep, Including concrete at hydrant and high point surrounds, Low point drains adjacent Pit 2, Existing pipe work as required to access Pit 2 or other areas.
Installation of 200ND 316L SS Fuel Hydrant Line at levels to clear existing services, 3 x 150ND 316L SS Fuel Hydrant take off lines, 1 x 150ND 316L SS Fuel hydrant high point take off line, 2 x 150ND 316L SS low point drains & concrete surrounds as described in the contract documents.
Remove, refurbished & installation of existing GB5000 pit boxes including repaint as per manufactures recommendations.
Encasement of all stainless steel hydrant line and risers with concrete.
Reinstatement of high flexural strength concrete slabs including dowelled construction joint at interface between existing and new concrete.
Fuel Hydrant line pigging, cleaning and pressure testing with AVTUR.
Supply, installation and maintenance of hydro-mulch to all disturbed ground.
Supply, installation and maintenance of turf.



Project Features:

  • Setting out the works
  • Welding of all pipe work and fittings
  • Due care of all materials
  • Trenching
  • Dewatering
  • Laying of pipes to required levels
  • Supply and installation of bedding concrete layer
  • Backfilling and compaction of trenching
  • Hydro-mulching and maintenance where required
  • Lines pigged and cleaned
  • Lines pressure tested with AVTUR
  • As Builts' and commissioning of the works