NQ3168 2CHC Relocation Project

Project Description / Overview:

The aim of this project is to provide temporary new facilities to house the relocation of two close health companies. CivilPlus is completing the pre-works and services that includes drainage, bulk earthworks for construction pads, the installation of the reinforced concrete stormwater pipes and pits, sewer main, water and Hydraulic services and electrical & communication conduits to allow building construction to commence.



Project Features:

  • Defence Site
  • Provide all documentation necessary to carry out the works, including obtaining all approvals and certifications from all relevant authorities.
  • Provide all necessary labour, materials and equipment necessary to meet the project outcomes.
  • Environmental Management
  • Bulk Earthworks
  • Stormwater Pipes & Pits
  • Sewer Pipes & Pits
  • Water & Hydrant pipes & pits
  • Electrical & communication conduit install.
  • Reinstate all surfaces, including landscaping, disturbed as a result of the works to the satisfaction of the Serco Sodexo Defence Services.
  • Maintain the works associated with the project for a period of 52 weeks upon the date for which practical completion was reached.