Invicta Mill Effluent Line Replacement

Project Overview / Description

Installation of new Effluent line across the Haughton River Rail Bridge, the installation included 40 new trusses and 440m of pipe. The project encountered delays due to the work approvals from QR, as such an alternative method had to be provided to complete the project prior to the commencement of the crushing, the effluent line were among critical works to be completed. Aerial lifting was used as the alternative method to install the 40 trusses (8m &12m) and 430m of DN200 HDPE lined steel pipe. With preparation works completed, all trusses and pipe was installed in a two day window and the project commissioned 3 days prior to commencement of crushing.

Project Features:

    • Installation of 40 new trusses
    • Installation of 430m of pipe
    • Works completed in tight time frame
    • No incidents or accidents
    • All works approved by River Trust and EPA
    • 66 Lifts completed with "Huey" Heavy lift Helicopter

Project Gallery Images