Crystal Creek Remediation Works

Project Overview / Description

Townsville City Council has engaged CivilPlus Constructions to perform bank remediation works at Crystal Creek in Mutarnee. During the 2019 floods, a pineapple farm on the western bank of Crystal Creek suffered significant bank erosion. 

The project includes expanding the channel, earth reshaping and pile retard installations along the bank to redirect water flow and mitigate scouring. The timber pile fields consist of 312, 6M long timber piles installed across 10 retards. Rock protection will be installed to the top of each pile retard and revegetated.  

Project Features:

    • 7,700 m3 of earthworks
    • Drive 312 timber piles
    • 60 m3 of rock protection
    • 1,148 m2 of revegetation works
    • CivilPlus Constructions custom pile hammer fabrication

Project Gallery Images