Maintenance painting of the Cape Hotham Lighthouse Tower

Project Overview / Description

Cape Hotham projects into the Van Dieman Gulf, approximately 80 km (direct line) NE of Darwin. The structure is a steel lattice tower capped by the lantern room with a copper roof. Surfaces to be repainted include the entire lattice tower up to and including the underside of the lantern room floor, and the lantern room roof. The existing paint on the lattice tower is of significant thickness, and contains lead paint. The specification requires the containment of emissions of lead paint dust and debris.

Project Features:

    • Cultural Heritage
    • Environmental Mgt
    • Safety Management
    • Remote Works
    • Interstate Logistics
    • Barging
    • Helicopter Access
    • Lead Soil Sampling
    • Lead Mgt Plan in accordance with AS4361.1 /1995
    • Scaffolding
    • Blasting
    • Anti corrosion painting system
    • Quality Mgt for 10year Warranty

Project Gallery Images