Dam Works

CivilPlus Constructions have been engaged by SunWater to perform remedial works on Clare Weir. Clare Weir is located approximately 40km south-west of Ayr on the Burdekin River. The weir itself...

Paluma Dam Spillway

Client: Townsville City Council

Townsville City Council awarded CivilPlus Constructions the contract of upgrading the Paluma Dam Spillway in Paluma. Work commenced onsite on 08/09/2021. The project objective was to construct a...

Clare Weir Rail Replacement

Client: SunWater Limited

Clare Weir is situated outside of Burdekin Falls Dam and is the most critical piece of infrastructure attached to the Burdekin Haughton Water Supply Scheme (BHWSS). It provides the pumping pool for...

Aplins Weir Reconstruction

Client: Townsville City Council

Why did Aplins Weir need refurbishing?Aplins Weir was first built in 1928 and does not meet current engineering standards. While there are no signs of failure at the moment, there is an increasing...
Remediation works were undertaken at Culvert 93 downstream on Mt Spec Road. The Culvert itself is a heritage feature of high significance and all works that were carried out were controlled and...

Gleeson's Weir Reconstruction

Client: Townsville City Council

CivilPlus were contracted by TCC to reconstruct the Gleeson's Weir due it not meeting current dam safety regulations. This involved concrete cutting of approx 250mm from the top of the existing...

Paluma Dam Concrete Remediation

Client: Townsville City Council

The concrete dam inlet tower and outlet pipe has become dilapidated over time requiring remediation to stop current corrosion and further deterioration and water ingress.

Ravenswood Sediment Dam

Client: Carpentaria Gold

Carpentaria Gold have engaged C+ Services to construct a sediment dam on the Ravenswood Mine Site. The purpose of the works is to capture runoff from the adjacent waste rock dumps prior to runoff...

Riverway Drive Gabion Structure

Client: Townsville City Council

Due to severe scouring of the river bank, Townsville City Council contracted CivilPlus to complete a designed gabion structure to restore the integrity of the river bank.