Clare Weir Remedial Works Stage 2

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    Clare Weir Remedial Works Stage 2
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    Ross Moschella
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Project Overview / Description

CivilPlus Constructions have been engaged by SunWater to perform remedial works on Clare Weir. Clare Weir is located approximately 40km south-west of Ayr on the Burdekin River. The weir itself is used for water storage to supply the Burdekin Irrigation area operated by Sunwater.  The sand foundation that the weir was constructed on has been scoured out over numerous flood events.

The scope of the project is to install 4,500m3 of large-diameter rock protection along the front of the weir. This rock will become an access for the weir remedial work to core through the flip bucket and fill any scour voids with concrete. The project aims to stabilise and repair the current scouring while mitigating future scouring.

Project Features:

    • 4,500m3 of large diameter rock protection
    • 200m3 of underwater concrete placement
    • Concrete coring through the weir flip
    • Bulk earthworks
    • Pavement Works
    • Works on and near water

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