Bridge Works

Concrete Path & Slab

Client: Townsville Pistol Club

Construction of carpark pavement and pedestrian bridge at the Townsville Pistol Club.

Upgrade Tully River Bridge at Intake Weir

Client: Stanwell Corporation Ltd

Tully Falls Weir is located on the Tully River and situated within the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area.  CivilPlus is engaged to upgrade the Kareeya Power Station Tully River Intake/Weir...

Berth 4 Upgrade

Client: Port Of Townsville

Berth 4 Upgrade The Port of Townsville is a vital trading port for North Queensland and is Northern Australia's largest general cargo and container port.Berth 4 was previously used mainly for...

Birthday Creek Bridge Replacement

Client: Townsville City Council

The works involve demolition and removal off-site of the existing bridge super- structure and foundations. Design and documentation of a new precast concrete bridge superstructure including precast...

Clump Point Jetty Refurbishment

Client: Cassowary Coast Regional Council

The jetty was wrecked in the Cyclone Yasi in February 2011, preventing tourism and fishing access from the Clump Point Jetty. CivilPlus was awarded the project by QRA, CCRC & TMR to design and...
This Contract was located at Landers Creek & Expedition Pass near Clare on the Ayr/Dalbeg Rd. During recent flooding events both bridges sustained significant damage through displacement of the...
Remediation works were undertaken at Culvert 93 downstream on Mt Spec Road. The Culvert itself is a heritage feature of high significance and all works that were carried out were controlled and...
Deane's Bridge is located adjacent to Iona Road, Home Hill and CivilPlus was contracted to refurbish and strengthen the existing bridge girders, install new bridge decking and provide an upgrade of...

Dunk Island Jetty Refurbishment

Client: Cassowary Coast Regional Council & TMR

The jetty was wrecked in the Cyclone Yasi in February 2011, preventing Jetty access to Dunk Island, a popular tourist destination off Mission Beach. CivilPlus have been selected by QRA, CCRC &...

Elena Street Culvert Upgrade

Client: Townsville City Council

The Townsville City Council identified the Elena Street culvert at Nelly Bay to be in a structurally poor condition and required the load rating of the bridge to be reduced. Civilplus were engaged...

JCU Pedestrian Bridge

Client: JCU

This Contract was located at James Cook University (JCU) in Townsville. CivilPlus were engaged to complete all civil constructions to allow the installation of a prefabricated 8mtr long pedestrian...

Koombooloomba Bridge Deck

Client: Stanwell Limited Corporation

This Contract was located at Koombooloomba approx 37klm from the township of Ravenshoe in Far North Queensland. Stanwell Limited Corporation required the existing timber deck to be replaced due to...

Mornington Island Jetty Demolition

Client: Mornington Shire Council

Removal and Replacement of Piles on Jetty

Mt Stuart Road Bridge Rehabilitation

Client: Townsville City Council

CivilPlus was awarded the project from Townsville City Council for the rehabilitation of the vehicle and pedestrian bridge on Mount Stuart Road. The bridge is situated at the intersection of Mount...

Orpheus Island Jetty Construction

Client: Orpheus Island

The aim of this project is to replace the damaged existing jetty with a new Steel Substructure with timber decking jetty on Orpheus Island. This included driven steel pile with steel headstocks and...

Pedestrian Bridge

Client: Seymour White

Ring Road Pedestrian Underpass Extension Works
CivilPlus was engaged to completely remove the AC effluent pipe and supporting structure for subsequent demolition and disposal.

Riverside Pedestrian Bridge

Client: Townsville City Council

The works consisted of demolishing and removal of existing bridge and abutments, and fabrication and installation of a steel painted bridge with connecting concrete pathways as per A.S and council...

Rollingstone Bridge

Client: Townsville City Council

The Rollingstone Creek Timber Bridge Replacement

Silver Creek Bridge Piles

Client: Mackay Regional Council

The nature of works requires Compliance with Quality, WHS and Environmental legislation Supply and install steel liners Excavate piles Supply and install reinforced cages and concrete...

Speed Creek Bridge Works

Client: GHD / ADF

This Contract was at Speed Creek located within the Australian Defence Force TFTA site. Previous construction had not been adequate to stop undermining of the existing abutment and CivilPlus were...
The aim of this project is to restore the Picnic Bay jetty to a condition to allow the public access to the jetty. This involves timber girder strengthening and replacement, concrete & timber...

TRBP Inwater Works

Client: Townsville City Council

The Townsville Recreational Boating Park TRBP) will consist of four boat ramps each with four lanes and centre floating walkway. The project will also include an adequate number of car trailer...