Cairncross & Hannibal Island AtoN

Project Overview / Description

The Cairncross Islets and Hannibal Island Aids to Navigation (AtoN) are located approximately 40nm and 60nm respectively south east of the tip Cape York, QLD. The existing structure at Cairncross Islets consists of an approximately 24m tall steel lattice tower with a GRP hut located on the top platform. A concrete helipad is located nearby the tower.

The existing structure at Hannibal Island consists of an approximately 21m tall steel lattice tower with a GRP hut located on the top platform. There is no helipad at Hannibal Island. The structures were previously assessed as having limited service life remaining due to severe corrosion to a number of components. Therefore, AMSA proposed to remove the steel lattice tower and install a new stainless steel tower to the same height with single module GRP hex tower on top of it at each site.

Some special aspects of this project included; Cultural Heritage, Nesting Seabirds and Turtles, Remote site access, Biosecurity and vegetation control, Engineering design and analysis of such and important structure, Demolition, Stainless steel fabrication, Solar, electrical, comms and lightening protection install. 

Project Features:

    • Engineering design and analysis
    • Transport of hex towers
    • Establishment of temporary AtoN's
    • Demolition of steel lattice towers
    • Fabrication and installation of the stainless steel towers
    • Installation of the single module hex towers
    • Relocation of birds nests
    • Upgrade AtoN equipment and solar power supplies
    • Reinstatement of third party equipment at Hannibal Island
    • Survey of tower heights

Project Gallery Images