Giru Weir Investigations

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    Giru Weir Investigations
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  • Employee/s Involved:
    Kim King | Robert McCaig | Mick Pope | Chris Olsen
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Project Overview / Description

CivilPlus was engaged to carry out investigation work at the Giru Weir for Sunwater to confirm the condition of the existing Row 1 sheet piles 1.2m below the concrete rockfill surface for its suitability to support future planned works.

Project Features:

    • Built up a sand access track over the Giru Weir concrete apron by placing sand borrowed from downstream of sheet pile row 4 and placed over the exposed rocks to allow better access for the machinery and crew.
    • Excavated five (5) test locations on the downstream side of the Row 1 sheet pile to a maximum depth of 1.2m to carry out both visual inspection and no-destructive thickness testing of the sheet pile at each test location.
    • Backfilled the 5 test locations with concrete and placing rock on the finished concrete surface to match what is on site.
    • The sand access track was removed and placed back where it was originally taken from which was from downstream of sheet pile Row 4.

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