Picnic Bay Landfill

  • Name:
    Picnic Bay Landfill
  • Client:
    Townsville City Council
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Project Overview / Description

CivilPlus has just completed works at the Picnic Bay Landfill. This project required the capping of the closed solid waste landfill at the Picnic Bay site. The purpose of these works was to create a final cover system on the landfill waste mass that complies with the conditions of the Environmental Authority of the site.

Project Features:

    • These works will involve
    • Mobilisation & Establishment of site.
    • Clearing and grubbing of the site.
    • Limited profiling of the site to achieve the grades shown on the drawing.
    • Supply and construction of localised subgrade surface as well as supply and installation of gas collection drains with the prepared subgrade.
    • Supply and placement of a geosynthetic clay liner as well as supply and placement of textured linear low density polyethylene geomembrane.
    • Supply and placement of cover soil.
    • Supply and installation of stormwater management infrastructure and erosion control works, including vetiver planting.
    • Placement of topsoil/growing medium and turf to the finalised surface.

Project Gallery Images