Magnetic Island Obstruction Tower

Project Overview / Description

CivilPlus were engaged to design and construct a new obstruction tower located at Mount Cook on Magnetic Island. The existing tower had been overgrown by the tree canopy and was not able to be easily seen by aircraft. The base plate was not suitable for the new structure so an additional guy wire system also had to be engineered using the rocks located at the site. The obstruction tower had no land based access and was required to be installed using a heavy lift helicopter. This project was completed on critical path and allowed major ADF exercises to go on uninterrupted.

Project Features:

    • Design & construct new Obstruction Tower
    • DERM Permits
    • DERM Surveillance
    • Rock Bolting
    • Guy Wires
    • Solar Power Installation
    • Wiring Installation
    • Helicopter Lift Installation
    • Critical Installation Time Frames

Project Gallery Images