High Peak Island AtoN Structure, Helipad and Walkway Replacement

Project Overview / Description

CivilPlus were engaged by AMSA to assist with upgrading the maritime safety asset at High Peak Islet, approx. 100Nm to East of Mackay in North Queensland. ASMA operates a network of marine Aids to Navigation (AtoN's) with the purpose of these AtoN's being to assist vessels to safely navigate Australian Waters. The structure consisted of a 3m tall concrete blockhouse and concrete helipad. The concrete blockhouse was showing signs of reinforcement corrosion which had led to spalling of the concrete cover and cracking. A number of areas on the perimeter of the external roof had significantly deteriorated resulting in sections of concrete falling from the structure. The helipad had some large cracks, and uneven landing surface and significant drop offs on most sides with no safety nets. CivilPlus task was to demolish the existing concrete blockhouse and install a single module hex tower and new stainless steel/fibreglass helipad.

Project Features:

    • Develop Concept Design Plan
    • Procurement of helipad and FRO Lighthouse
    • Aerial demolition and construction
    • Installation of temporary AtoN beacon
    • Demolition of existing AtoN concrete structure
    • Installation of walkway and helipad
    • Assembly of new AtoN structure

Project Gallery Images