Aircraft Arrestor System Pit Rectification Works

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    Aircraft Arrestor System Pit Rectification Works
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Project Overview / Description

Extensions to the existing Aircraft Arrestor pits to allow for new motor installations and for compliance of pits with current Australian Standards. The works also included refurbishment of pits including mechanical and electrical components which are currently being carried out by MVO and EMAK respectively. Water stop was used during the construction of the pits to ensure no leaks when installed.

Project Features:

    • Pre casting of 4 concrete pits 5.7m x 3.9m x 2.7m weight approx. 30 Tonnes
    • Installation of 4 pits adjacent to live runway on nightshift
    • Installation of Electrical and Mechanical Services
    • Fabrication and installation of steel lids capable of carrying wheel loads of 747 aircraft
    • Works undertaken in compliance with operation of live airfield which places constraints on excavation sizes
    • Project currently on time and budget

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