Gleeson's Weir Reconstruction

Project Overview / Description

CivilPlus were contracted by TCC to reconstruct the Gleeson's Weir due it not meeting current dam safety regulations. This involved concrete cutting of approx 250mm from the top of the existing weir crown, high pressure water blasting the entire weir surface, coring and dowelling the existing wall, forming and pouring mass concrete and reinforced concrete (approx1500m3) to the engineering specification.

Project Features:

    • Dewatering weirs
    • Silt curtain bank to bank
    • Earthworks for access
    • Design/fabricate/install access platforms
    • Cutting & removing 250mm of Concrete crest
    • Water blasting
    • Coring & Dowelling 1100 holes
    • 1500m3 concrete

Project Gallery Images