Paluma Dam Spillway

  • Name:
    Paluma Dam Spillway
  • Client:
    Townsville City Council
  • Employee/s Involved:
    Michael Browne | Karl Kratzmann
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Project Overview / Description

Townsville City Council awarded CivilPlus Constructions the contract of upgrading the Paluma Dam Spillway in Paluma. Work commenced onsite on 08/09/2021.

The project objective was to construct a reinforced concrete spillway with anchors into the rock foundation. 

The existing dam spillway is a natural rock formation of granite. The granite became weathered and started to decompose, which could adversely affect supporting structures like the spillway bridge and dam ogee weir. Townsville City Council upgraded the spillway to prevent its deterioration.  The project was completed on 20/12/2021.

Project Features:

    • Delicate and precise rock work adjacent to existing spillway bridge and Ogee weir
    • Concrete cutting and coring
    • 300 tonne of rock demolition and removal predominately using handheld tools
    • 140 m3 of blinding concrete to prepare the foundation for anchoring
    • 158 of 3.0 m long grout rock anchors including drill and grouting
    • 110 m3 of reinforced concrete to form the new spillway
    • 61 m of sub surface drainage
    • 30 m3 of rock scour protection
    • Environmentally sensitive area being World Heritage Wet Tropics
    • Remote location with dirt road access and no mobile coverage
    • High rainfall region

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