Waterway Gardens Point of Supply

Project Overview / Description

Installation of Valve pit, flow metering slab and interconnecting pipework. The valve pit consisted of a 5m x 3m x 3m deep valve pit for the connection to the underground DN600m main which was carried out by using a hot tap method to keep the main on line at all times. DN600 Pipes were then laid from the valve pit to the above ground flow metering slab which consisted of a 12m x5m slab with 900mm beams to allow for the unbalanced thrust forces. The pipework included pressure reducing valves, valves, dismantling joints, flow meters which was founded on concrete plinths above ground. The flow metering electrical connections were carried out by Royle Electrical.

Project Features:

    • Installation of 60m of DN500 fully flanged DICL pipe
    • Installation MSCL bends and specials, cut to fits fabricated on site
    • Installation large inground valve pit
    • Installation of 150m of DN200 RRJ pipe
    • Installation of thrust blocks
    • Hot Tapping completed on DN600 & DN500 Mains
    • Installation of above ground slab and plinths to support metering pipework
    • Project completed on time and budget with no LTI’s

Project Gallery Images