Elena Street Culvert Upgrade

Project Overview / Description

The Townsville City Council identified the Elena Street culvert at Nelly Bay to be in a structurally poor condition and required the load rating of the bridge to be reduced. Civilplus were engaged as the principal contractor to complete major upgrades to achieve a T44 live load rating for the bridge, including replacement of the existing road deck, new abutment and wing walls, base level works, new apron slabs, footpaths and erosion protection slabs and new pedestrian barriers.

Project Features:

    • Teretek injection to voids under culvert base
    • Installation of gabion rock cages to creek bed level
    • Construction of new apron slabs to the culvert base and creek batters
    • Demolition of the existing road deck and abutment
    • Fabrication and installation of precast road deck and abutment wall units
    • Construction of new wing walls and cover walls to abutments
    • Construction of new relieving slabs and footpaths
    • Remedial works and crack repairs to existing culvert walls

Project Gallery Images