Clare Weir Remediation Works

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    Clare Weir Remediation Works
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    Michael Browne | Richard Lamb
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Project Overview / Description

SunWater performed preventative maintenance at the Clare Weir on the Burdekin River in late December 2021 in preparation for the impending wet season. The project was awarded to CivilPlus Constructions who completed the work on the 21/12/2021.

The project objective was to place rock protection at the weir toe and construct a water diversion wall to protect the weir from significant river flows in the upcoming wet season. 

50 of 2 tonne Kyowa Rock Bags were placed on the eastern side of weir to form a rock wall and the remaining 150 bags were placed as rock protection to the toe. A Huey helicopter lifted each bag into position with the guidance of a CivilPlus Constructions support vessel downstream of the weir. 

Project Features:

    • Filling and transport of 200 2T Kyowa Rock Bags to the Clare Weir
    • Lifting and positioning of 200 2T Kyowa Rock Bags using helicopter and support vessel

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