TMR16-143 Picnic Bay Jetty Restoration Stage 2 Works

Project Overview / Description

The aim of this project is to restore the Picnic Bay jetty to a condition to allow the public access to the jetty. This involves timber girder strengthening and replacement, concrete & timber pile repairs, various bolt replacement along with Timber deck repairs and replacement. Deck repairs also including handrail installation, repairs to the roof at the jetty head and electrical repairs. In addition as part of the underwater work a broken pile was found and this was replaced with steel to timber spliced pile.

Project Features:

    • Existing Jetty 3.5T Load Limit for Construction Equipment.
    • Marine Site and Working with Tides
    • Termite Protection and Reporting
    • Timber Girder, Headstock and Deck Repairs and Replacements.
    • Sizing And Preparation of Timber
    • Installation Procedures With No Cranage Using Chain Blocks and Pullies
    • Concrete and Timber Pile Repairs
    • Above Water Platforms Suspended For Repairs (Floated Into Place)
    • Divers For Below Water Repairs
    • Epoxy Injection of Timber Piles with SIKA Products to Manufacturer Procedures
    • New Steel to Timber Spliced Pile Repair
    • Fabrication and Painting of Steel Pile
    • Divers to Complete Underwater Connection
    • Denso Corrosion Protection
    • Various Bolt and Bracket Replacements

Project Gallery Images