Ollera Creek Pipeline Repairs

Project Overview / Description

This Contract was located at Ollera Creek near the foot of the Paluma Range. The objective was to remediate the existing pipeline surface where rusting had occurred due to river debris impacting the pipe and the original paint system being compromised. The client also specified a system of pipe protection to eliminate or reduce future impacts from debris. C+ was able to provide an innovative solution to more expensive products on the market to achieve the specification and cost reduction for the client.

Project Features:

    • Blast & Paint Pipelines
    • Mobile ERA for Blast & Paint
    • Full blast encapsulation
    • Supply paint spec and insurance
    • Demolish & construct new concrete plinths
    • Install PE pipeline debris protection which was C+ idea to reduce costs while meeting outcomes.
    • Works in a National Park
    • QA for works completed

Project Gallery Images