Lavarack Main Gate

Project Overview / Description

Construction consisted of remediation works to improve the busy main entrance of Lavarack barracks, Townsville. Known as Melton Black Drive. The works include - the excavation of asphalt surface & unsuitable materials. The removal and replacement of concrete kerb, insitu stabilization of existing pavement & asphalt resurfacing. Once the construction works were carried out, the site was landscaped with turf.

Project Features:

    • Excavate and remove unsuitable material
    • Cement stabilize the existing pavement with 3% GB cement
    • Primer seal with class 170 bitumen and 10mm aggregate
    • Supply, lay and compact asphalt to 50mm depth
    • Re-paint road line markings of new and existing markings
    • Supply, excavate, install and backfill subsoil drains
    • Supply and maintain landscaping materials

Project Gallery Images