Rocklands TSF Construction

  • Name:
    Rocklands TSF Construction
  • Client:
    Copper Resources Australia
  • Employee/s Involved:
    Steve Olsen | Steven Titley | Ross Moschella | Robert McCaig | Karl Kratzmann
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Project Overview / Description

CivilPlus has been engaged in the construction of a 4.5m high embankment lift of an existing Tailings Storage Facility (TSF), namely the Western (CuDeco) TSF at the Rocklands Copper Mine.

Project Features:

    • Construction and Maintenance of TSF Site Access Roads
    • Borrow Area Excavations and Earth Fill Material Processing
    • Embankment Wall Foundation Excavations
    • Rock Fill Mattress Foundation Construction within the Tailings Storage Facility (Upstream Raise)
    • Raising of the Existing TSF Embankment from RL216.5m to RL221m
    • Placement and Compaction of 215,061 Tonnes of Earth Fill and 329,526 Tonnes of Rock Fill
    • Construction of Internal Bund within the TSF from Tailings 68,890 Tonnes

Project Gallery Images