Culvert 93 Downstream Scour Remediation Works

Project Overview / Description

Remediation works were undertaken at Culvert 93 downstream on Mt Spec Road. The Culvert itself is a heritage feature of high significance and all works that were carried out were controlled and undertaken in a manner sensitive to the cultural and aesthetic values of the site.

Project Features:

    • The existing masonry walls are heritage elements of exception significance and were to be retained in place and not damage. Where head wall ended or support blocks have been displaced by erosion, these were reinstated by hand to restore the wall profile.
    • Clean and dispose of vegetation, soil and rock debris within the eroded areas
    • Supply and place stabilised sand backfill
    • Supply and install 50mm diameter PVC pipe weep holes at 1m horizontal spacing and 0.40m above base with geotextile filter
    • Supply and place grouted rock pitching at top layer
    • supply and install delineation

Project Gallery Images