Wilmar Cane Rail Bridge Repair

  • Name:
    Wilmar Cane Rail Bridge Repair
  • Client:
    Wilmar Sugar
  • Employee/s Involved:
    Kim King | Karl Kratzmann | Wade Rose | Dane Blackford
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Project Overview / Description

The Haughton River Cane Railway Bridge is a vital part of the Invicta railway network.  They bridge connects the mill on the northern bank of the Haughton River to the majority of the cane growing area on the southern bank of the river. 

The Concrete superstructure was constructed in 1964 and comprises 13 spans of 9.1m for a total bridge length of approximately 118m.  The superstructure supports a single railway track and consists of timber transoms bolted on top of steel I-Grinders. 

Remedial works consists of a new water (headstock), installation of 2 x 52mm diameter Ischebeck tension anchors and placement of rock for scour protection works.  

Project Features:

    • Installation of tension anchors
    • Structural steel fabrication
    • Concrete headstock
    • Scour protection works

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