Black River Remediation Works

Project Overview / Description

Townsville City Council has engaged CivilPlus Constructions to perform the riverbank remediation works at the Black River mouth in Beach Holm.  Over the last 70 years the riverbanks have retreated up to 5.5 meters per year which is encroaching into private property.

The scope of the project is to install 19 pile fields along the eastern bank to mitigate scouring and promote vegetation establishment.  The remediation work will also include some retard rock protection, grass seeding, mangrove establishment beds and ground cover establishment.

Project Features:

    • Driving of 644, 6 m long timber piles installed along 19 retards
    • 604 m3 of earth fill
    • 44 m3 of rock protection
    • 25 mangrove establishment beds
    • 5414 m2 of seeding
    • Revegetation establishment

Project Gallery Images