TRBP Inwater Works

Project Overview / Description

The Townsville Recreational Boating Park TRBP) will consist of four boat ramps each with four lanes and centre floating walkway. The project will also include an adequate number of car trailer parking spaces, commercial area, dry boat stacking area, ablution and washing facilities and disability access pontoons. The goal of the project is to provide the Townsville recreational boating community with a major all-tide protected weather facility to meet the current shortage.

Project Features:

    • Design 30m Pontoon / Design Floating Walkways For Ramps A,B,C & D
    • Install Piles For Floating Walkways A & B
    • Construct Floating Walkways At Ramp A & B
    • Construct 30m Pontoon
    • Construct Boat Ramp A & B
    • 50m DDA Compliant Pontoon Piling
    • Piling For Floating Walkway At Ramp C / Piling For Floating Walkway At Ramp D
    • ASS/PASS
    • Precast Concrete / Insitu Concrete

Project Gallery Images