Barnicle Street Boat Ramp

Project Overview / Description

Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) have identified that Townsville is short of recreational boating launching and retrieval facilities for all-tide access.

TMR had commissioned Townsville City Council to upgrade the old ramp at the end of Barnicle Street, Railway Estate, approximately 150m downstream of the newly constructed ramp to assist with meeting the demand. The Queensland Government is funding the work.
Reconstruction of one half of the ramp was required to meet the TMR standard, while the other half required an extension to achieve the lowest astronomical tide(LAT) level. Minor patching of the shoulder embankments was also required.

Project Features:

    • Use of amphibious excavator to install sheet pile to hold silt curtain in the tidal zone around the works.
    • Amphibious excavator with the aid off GPS to profile the base of the works which were under water.
    • Use of screed rails and under water divers to place bedding material for toe planks
    • Use of a 220t crane and custom spreader beam to install 9 panels at a time to allow for speed of installation while working around the tides.
    • Precast concrete biscuits to use as infill’s for the panels under water.
    • Use of tri lock pavers as batter protection
    • Use of aluminum crock cage to complete clearance dives before starting dive works within the barricaded work zone.

Project Gallery Images