Magnetic Island Forts Junction Hub Upgrade

Project Overview / Description

QBuild have been engaged the services of CivilPlus Constructions to upgrade the Forts Junction Car Park and Bus Stop on Magnetic Island. With the Forts Complex being the number one tourist attraction on the island with a current visitor number to the Forts Complex more than 100,000 per annum, an upgrade to the junction is a much. Construction works began in November 2020 and the anticipated end date being March 2021.

Project Features:

    • Cut/Fill approximately 2,500 tonne of material
    • Pavement and Asphalt surfacing
    • Construction of new Amenities Building and Bus Shelters
    • 50m long rock pitched retaining wall
    • Installation of bike racks, water bubblers and seating areas
    • Upgrade parking to 25 bays plus an area for scooters

Project Gallery Images