Area J & K Hardstands

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    Area J & K Hardstands
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Project Overview / Description

Upgrade of the hardstand pavement and entry modifications in AREA J & K. The upgrading included the removal of the hardstand pavement and construction of a new pavement in three parts.

Part A - Hardstand consisted of a bound and unbound gravel pavement with a segmental pavers wearing course. This part was surrounded by concrete kerb that channeled the runoff into a humeceptor.

Part B - Access included the construction of a new access into the compound with a unbound cement modified pavement with an asphalt wearing course.

Part C - Hardstand consisted of modified pavement that joined Part B with Asphalt surface. This was kerbed & channeled to allow runoff to the humeceptor

Project Features:

    • Drainage - Culvert and pipe works
    • Drainage - Humeceptor
    • Pavement Excavation
    • Earthworks & Subgrade
    • Gravel Pavements
    • Asphalt Surfacing
    • Segmental Paving Surfacing
    • Relocation of Services
    • Demolition and Installation of Fencing
    • Interaction with existing operating Workshop facility.

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