Aplins Weir Reconstruction

Project Overview / Description

Why did Aplins Weir need refurbishing?
Aplins Weir was first built in 1928 and does not meet current engineering standards. While there are no signs of failure at the moment, there is an increasing risk of failure in the future because of the age of the structure. The refurbishment was able to bring the weir wall up to current standards and improve its strength and stability.

Project Features:

    • The works involved coring 1500mm diameter holes in the existing base slab of each of the 33 bays of the existing weir wall and installing 1200mm diameter steel pile liners.
    • These steel pile liners are then filed with concrete to form on average a 16m pile. These piles then have a 750mm thick reinforced concrete overlay poured over the top to tie all of the existing bays together.
    • Tying these bays together is achieved by install continuous reinforcing between each bay.
    • Other works involve abutment repairs, weir face repairs, installation of new weir valves, installation of a fish prevention nib wall 100m long approximately and installing a concrete apron outlet 60m long.

Project Gallery Images