Coquet Island Aid to Navigation Replacement

Project Overview / Description

CivilPlus Constructions was engaged by Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) to complete the replacement of Coquet Island Steel Lattice Tower. CivilPlus successfully completed the installation of a stainless-steel tower and associated equipment, including solar power supply and Aids to Navigation (AtoN) on Coquet Island.

The project involved engineering design, solar power integration, hex tower packaging and transport, mobilisation of resources, temporary Aids to Navigation setup, stainless-steel tower fabrication, installation of towers, AtoN equipment deployment, lightning protection planning, and tower height survey. Utilising precast concrete for structural enhancements and modular assembly methods streamlined the process and ensured quality control. 

Project Features:

    • Efficient mobilisation of materials, equipment, and personnel via barge and tug
    • Establishment of a temporary AtoN and relocation of existing infrastructure
    • Methodical installation of the tower and hex tower sections
    • Integration of AtoN equipment and solar power supply
    • Implementation of a robust lightning protection system and site earthing arrangements

Project Gallery Images