RAAF C17 AVTUR Fuel Line

Project Overview / Description

  • Demolition at three fuel hydrant locations, Concrete slab (nil reinforcing) 1.5m wide x 10m long x 0.4 - 0.5m deep, Including concrete at hydrant and high point surrounds, Low point drains adjacent Pit 2, Existing pipe work as required to access Pit 2 or other areas.
  • Installation of 200ND 316L SS Fuel Hydrant Line at levels to clear existing services, 3 x 150ND 316L SS Fuel Hydrant take off lines, 1 x 150ND 316L SS Fuel hydrant high point take off line, 2 x 150ND 316L SS low point drains & concrete surrounds as described in the contract documents.
  • Remove, refurbished & installation of existing GB5000 pit boxes including repaint as per manufacturer's recommendations.
  • Encasement of all stainless steel hydrant line and risers with concrete.
  • Reinstatement of high flexural strength concrete slabs including dowelled construction joint at interface between existing and new concrete.
  • Fuel Hydrant line pigging, cleaning and pressure testing with AVTUR.
  • Supply, installation and maintenance of hydro-mulch to all disturbed ground.
  • Supply, installation and maintenance of turf.

Project Features:

    • Setting out the works
    • Welding of all pipe work and fittings
    • Due care of all materials
    • Trenching
    • Dewatering
    • Laying of pipes to required levels
    • Supply and installation of bedding concrete layer
    • Backfilling and compaction of trenching
    • Hydro-mulching and maintenance where required
    • Lines pigged and cleaned
    • Lines pressure tested with AVTUR
    • As Builts' and commissioning of the works

Project Gallery Images