POTL Point 13 Pipeline Repairs

  • Name:
    POTL Point 13 Pipeline Repairs
  • Client:
    Port of Townsville
  • Employee/s Involved:
    Robert McCaig | Kim King | Mick Pope | Jodie Fitzsimmons
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Project Overview / Description

Port of Townsville Limited (POTL) engaged CivilPlus Constructions to inspect and repair an underground fuel pipeline at Point 13. This diesel fuel oil line extends from the ATOM Terminal to Berths 9 and 10 at the Port. The project involved excavating a 2.5m section of the pipeline, cleaning, performing NDT, repairing the damaged coating, and backfilling. Preliminary excavation began on Tuesday, May 14 2024, after site inductions with QSL were completed. Repairs and backfilling were finished by Thursday, May 16 2024.

Project Features:

    • Excavate and expose at “point 13” the 300mm POTL fuel line.
    • Condition assessment and NDT of the pipeline for both pipe material and pipe coating.
    • Paint repair and testing of the coating of the fuel line after repair works.
    • Backfilled the site adhering to strict POTL environmental conditions.

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