Burdekin Amphibious Weed Removal

Project Overview / Description

NQ Dry Tropics has engaged the help of CivilPlus Constructions to undertake amphibious excavator works in the Burdekin region. The works include the removal of invasive plants from the waterways to improve the longevity and abundance of the Burdekin water. The removal of weeds and reclamation of land is to protect the regions rich biodiversity for graziers, sugarcane farmers and horticulturists. 

The intention of this project is to remove these invasive plants from Horseshoe Lagoon, Plantation Creek & Merry Plains Creek to improve the health of wetlands and waterways, to allow native fish such as barramundi and mangrove jack to migrate between freshwater and the sea to breed. Additionally, the removal of silt from the water will prevent rotting weed matter from being take out to the ocean and damaging our reef. By removing these invasive aquatic weeds it is then NQ Dry Tropics intention for this waster to be used as a nutrient-rich compost for local farmers, 

Project Features:

    • 20T Excavator mounted on amphibious tracks to allow access to wetlands
    • Long reach boom fitted with 1800mm rake
    • Excess mass, wide load transport with police escort, these moves have been conducted during night times so there in no disturbance of traffic
    • Consulting with local landowners as well as client
    • Competent operator allowing remote work

Project Gallery Images