RAAF Retention Pond

Project Overview / Description

CivilPlus were engaged to construct a 180,000L Spelceptor tank at the RAAF Base fuel farm, this included precast items for the fire trap and anchor blocks. The 4m deep excavation was sheet piled to assist with the dewatering and also to provide a safe work area for personnel. The tank is to be backfilled with a combination of concrete and stabilised sand. A complete concrete topping slab is required to ensure that the integrity of the tank will be maintained.

Project Features:

    • Works completed in fuel farm environment
    • Installation of 120,000L Spelceptor tank
    • Precast of fire trap pit
    • Installation of sheet pile and dewatering to make excavation safe
    • Installation of precast anchor blocks and base slab for tank to be placed on
    • Backfilling of tank with stabilised sand
    • Completion of Pipework from fire trap to Spelceptor
    • Treatment of contaminated spoil

Project Gallery Images