RAAF Road Repairs

Project Overview / Description

This Contract was located on the Townsville RAAF Base between Hangar 75 & the quadron 38 area. The pavement required repairs and the project involved the design & re-construction of the pavement through the main Hangar 75 area with additional works required to repair the rea at 38 squadron.

The hangar 75 pavement involved excavation of the existing gravel for reuse as Sub-base pavement and instatement of Stormwater pits & grates. The works also involved concrete pavement and a concrete dish drain.

The 38 Squadron area required a conservative approach with feed back from the client & designers to come to a design to resurface with isolated pavement repairs undertaken and replacement of the existing kerb.

Project Features:

    • RAAF Base Defence facility.
    • Project Design & Construct
    • Consultation with designer and client
    • Excavation of Pavement around various services.
    • Install new pavement from recycled gravel to quarry gravel
    • Reuse existing roadbase as sub-base gravel
    • Concrete pavement and dish drain.
    • Asphalt Profiling from Site
    • Asphalt & Bitumen surfacing

Project Gallery Images