Bolger Bay Pipeline Installation

Project Overview / Description

Installation of 1.3km of DN500 HDPE pipe in tidal areas, this included the welding of all pipe, pressure testing, management of ASS & PASS. Anchor blocks were cast to allow the pipe to be installed through 2 creeks, the anchor blocks were a two half clamp arrangement. ASS & PASS treatment pads were constructed so that the material could be treated and then reused for backfill material. All plant, equipment, sand and gravel had to be barged to the island and stockpiled prior to use on the project.

Project Features:

    • Welding of 1.3km of DN500 HDPE
    • Casting of anchor blocks
    • Installation of 1.3km of pipe
    • Rock breaking of rock where possible
    • Drill & Blast of rock adjacent to exist-
    • 1800 Tonne of Sand material barged to island
    • All pipework pressure tested successfully first time
    • Installation of creek crossings
    • Installation of scour valves and air valves
    • Reinstatement of road upon completion of works
    • Management of ASS & PASS materials

Project Gallery Images