Eborac Island & Albany Rock

Project Overview / Description

Eborac Island & Albany Rock Aid to Navigation Towers are situated off the northern-most tip of Queensland, Cape York. AMSA holds a lease/agreement from Queensland Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to occupy the site. The AtoN structures consist of a Chance 400mm focal radius drum lens mounted on a lantern pedestal within a cast iron lantern room, supported by a concrete blockhouse. The existing blockhouse was a mass concrete structure with a foundation base slab cast directly onto the rock at the highest point on the island. The blockhouses had been exhibiting significant cracking along its walls and roof slab combined with spalling of the interior lower face of the roofs, requiring them to be replaced.

Project Features:

    • Engineering design and analysis
    • Installation of AMSA supplied temporary AtoN light and power supply
    • Removal of lantern room, lens and AtoN equipment;
    • Remote aerial works using helicopters
    • Demolish the concrete structure down to the concrete base / slab
    • Remove all concrete rubble by helicopter (sling load) or by land / barge access and appropriate disposal of waste
    • Installation of the AMSA supplied single module GRP hex cabinet
    • Installation of lower handrails, davit, walkways and ladders
    • Site cleanup; and
    • Completion and delivery of all required project documentation

Project Gallery Images