TFTA Civil Road Works

Project Overview / Description

The Project Consisted of Road Maintenance Grading and formation, Concrete creek crossing consisting of Stabilised Gravel Base, Concrete Causeway and stabilised approaches as well as Stabilised Gravel Creek Crossings and Rock only creek crossings. The works was spread out over 60km on the Defence TFTA site, with dewatering required on numerous creek and steep terrain to get delivery trucks to the remote sites.

Project Features:

    • Road Maintenance Grading (6m formation – (3.2km)
    • Road Formation and Maintenance Grade – (9.7km)
    • Concrete Creek Crossing
    • Excavation and dewatering in Creek lines.
    • Geofabric Layer
    • Rock Filter Layer
    • Stabilised Gravel Base
    • Concrete Causeway and Cutoff walls.
    • Stabilied Gravel Approaches
    • Stabilised Creek Crossings
    • Rock only Creek Crossings
    • Rock check dams.

Project Gallery Images