Birthday Creek Bridge Replacement

Project Overview / Description

The works involve demolition and removal off-site of the existing bridge super- structure and foundations. Design and documentation of a new precast concrete bridge superstructure including precast deck, abutment headstocks, wing-walls and precast facing panel to the abutments, including all attachments and fixings. Construction of bridge foundations, installation of pre-cast concrete abutment headstocks and concrete deck members, regrading of approaches and construction of abutment protection works.

Project Features:

    • Abutment Headstock
    • Cast Insitu Board Piers
    • Wing-walls
    • Rock Protection
    • Road Approaches
    • Humedeck System
    • Cranage of Bridge Decks
    • Derm Permits
    • Excess Mass Permits
    • Platypus Management

Project Gallery Images