Cape Bowling Green

Project Overview / Description

CivilPlus were engaged to construct the removal of the existing 36m steel lattice tower and replacement with a new 16m Fiberglass GRP structure. This was a design and construct project which CivilPlus engaged designers to complete the design on the steel base and complete fatigue analysis of the structure for a 30 year design life. The new base was designed, fabricated, barged to site and then installed. Prior to installation, the old tower was removed, this was completed utilising Dwyer Aviations’ heavy lift helicopter and advanced riggers. Once removed the new structure was installed with a 8 tonne crawler assisted by the excavator on site.

Project Features:

    • Design of Steel Base
    • Fabrication of Steel Base
    • Removal of existing structure—utilising heavy lift helicopter
    • Barging of all plant and equipment to site
    • Installation of new structure
    • Removal of all materials back to Townsville via barge.
    • Barge loading point was 7km from site due to weather, so all plant and equipment was transported along beach to load point

Project Gallery Images