Mt Spec Water Main Relocation

Project Overview / Description

TMR have enlisted the services of CivilPlus to relocate the Mt Spec Watermain to enable preliminary works for the Bruce Highway – Townsville Northern Access Intersections Upgrade. The Mt Spec Watermain relocation will start at Veales Road and head north along the Bruce Highway.

Project Features:

    • Approximately 1.47 km of new OD508 MSCL Sintalock RRJ pipe
    • Northern and Southern connections to the existing above ground OD535 MSCL watermain and new watermain
    • Hot tap interconnection between existing OD660 MSCL watermain and new watermain
    • Piled concrete thrust block construction
    • 990m of concrete protection above the existing underground OD660 MSCL watermain
    • Earthing protection for all connections, tie-ins, air valves and scour valves
    • Decommissioning and removal of the existing OD535 MSCL above ground watermain
    • Commissioning and pressure testing of the newly installed watermain to 2,500kPa

Project Gallery Images