QN Fuel Oil Line Repairs

Project Overview / Description

Installation of repairs to QN fuel oil line at approximately 37 locations between the Port of Townsville and QN Yabulu Refinery. This scope of works included the excavation of the sections of pipe, removal of sections of fuel oil line, weld in new sections of fuel oil line, blast, paint and lag the replacement section. Then backfilling of the excavations and replacement of the road surface or reinstatement of the surface which was there prior to excavation.

Project Features:

    • Repairs to 37 locations of fuel oil line
    • Cut and remove sections from line
    • Install new sections of pipe
    • All welds full NDT
    • Traffic Control for all sites
    • Enveloper installation and then product pipe at a later stage
    • Reinstatement of surface back to original standard
    • Installation of valve pits
    • Lagging of Completed Repairs
    • Each Repair a Budget was generated and then works completed on day works basis.

Project Gallery Images