Hammond Rock Aid to Navigation

Project Overview / Description

The Hammond Rock aid to navigation (AtoN) is located in the Prince of Wales Channel, Torres Strait. The Hammond Rock site is used to support a Category 1 marine AtoN which marks both the rock and to provide a navigational mark for the vessels transiting the Prince of Wales Channel.

The AtoN structure consists of a suspended timber deck supporting a GRP hut and a concrete foundation for the solar power supply system. The existing timber deck supporting the AtoN equipment has deteriorated significantly, the concrete pillars supporting is are falling due to reinforcement corrosion and the structure is at risk of failing.

Access to the AtoN is only available by vessel, with personnel required to disembark from the vessel onto the rock to access existing ladders that provide partial access to the AtoN equipment. The remainder of the access requires personnel to walk/climb over rock. This represents a significant safety risk to personnel access the AtoN equipment, due to strong tidal streams, the steep and slippery surfaces of the rock and large tidal range. 

Hammond Rock is of cultural heritage significance to the Kaurareg People, the Registered Native Title Claimants. CivilPlus are removing the existing AtoN infrastructure and disused stainless steel post crane and are installing a new platform , which will accommodate all of the AtoN equipment, and provide a new ladder and boat fender system on the western side to improve access for personnel. 

Project Features:

    • Design & Fabrication
    • Remote Work
    • Cultural Heritage
    • Marine Works in difficult seas
    • Aerial construction with helicopter
    • Highly trained and competent personnel

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